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About Me

Madelyn - Founder of Cosmetic Critique

I started watching makeup tutorials when I was 11 years old. Youtube was in it's infancy and there weren't many "beauty gurus" posting content. MakeupbyTiffanyD, NitraaB and MakeupGeek were the first youtubers that inspired me to have fun with makeup. I constantly went to school with a new eye look - eventually creating my signature 'rainbow' eye in 7th grade. Some of the looks I created were questionable; all over GLITTER isn't really my thing now, but times have certainly changed. 

My makeup game started to improve in high school. Watching youtube videos became addicting and buying makeup became even MORE addicting! I began to fall in love with neutrals and my color creativity died. 

But, now, after a hiatus from makeup, I'm ready to resurrect her from the dead and begin a new journey with all of you. My goal is to provide informative content that will help you choose the best* products. I have spent years of wasting money of crappy products; I know how it feels! Let's discover makeup together and have some fun! 

*Opinions may differ. Reviews are mostly opinion based. 

Color Reference: 


Urban Decay Naked Skin in 1.0

Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 2.0